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5.78 Acres in Vermillion County, IN

Royal Inn, Indiana 163, Clinton, IN, USA

150 Acres in Carroll County, IN

HG5X+77 Flora, IN, USA

240 Acres in Pennington County, MN

3H54+6V Carpenters Corner, MN, USA

High Quality Farmland in Polk County, MN

20863 400th Ave SE, Gully, MN 56646, USA

176 Acres in Boone County, IN

W8G8+HJ Jamestown, IN, USA

Quality Farm in Highly Productive Central Iowa

9997 NE 158th Ave, Maxwell, IA 50161, USA

10± Acres in Lenawee County, MI

3394 Rogers Hwy, Britton, MI 49229, USA

149± Acres in Richland County, ND

82PX+MF Barney, ND, USA

Helland Boone County Farm

X7RX+4M Ames, IA, USA

89± Acre Commercial Property in Carroll County

450 East N, Camden, IN 46917, USA

120± Acres in Polk County, MN

5299+V5 Alvarado, MN, USA

116 Acres in Vigo County, IN

JF3G+M6 Libertyville, IN, USA

Clinton, IN Commercial Property

1675 IN-163, Clinton, IN 47842, USA

180 Acres in Fountain County, IN

5P6P+QJ Stone Bluff, IN, USA

720± Acres in Steele County, ND

9F8H+H5 Clifford, ND, USA

75± Acres in Grand Forks County, ND

WJJX+GC Emerado, ND, USA

35 Acres in White County, IN

HXRF+WX Round Grove, IN, USA

47 Acres in Carroll County, IN

4795 E 700 S, Cutler, IN 46920, USA

61 Acres in Hendricks County, IN

W83R+98 Jamestown, IN, USA

80 Acres in Tippecanoe County, IN

62HM+3M New Richmond, IN, USA

155 Acres in Jasper County, IN

QQXM+9G Remington, IN, USA

258 Acres in Carroll County, IN

CGX3+63 Lexington, IN, USA

50 Acres in Clinton County, IN

5801 W County Rd 600 S, Frankfort, IN 46041, USA

422 Acres in Warren County, IN

4GPG+CP Foster, IN, USA

160 Acres in Benton County, IN

FPV3+R3 Fargo, IN, USA


Type of Sale



150 Acres

in Carroll County, IN



5.78 Acres

in Vermillion County, IN


Accepting Bids

234 Acres

in Renville County, ND

Accepting Bids

Accepting Bids


in Pembina County

Accepting Bids


240 Acres

in Pennington County, MN

Bidding Opens 12/11/23


611.88 Acres

in Barnes County, ND



152 Acres

in Cass County, ND



356± Acres

in Berrien County, Michigan



Commercial Property

in Fairview, Montana

Bidding Opens 12/4/23


49.64 Acres

in Frankfort, IN



71.5 Acres

in Hardin County, IA



89.9 Acres

in Carroll, IN


Agent Spotlight

Sold Properties


393± Acres

in Pennington County, MN

Bidding Complete


160 Acres

in Red Lake County, MN


97.5± acres

in Montgomery County, IN



69.97± Acres

in Polk County, IA



69.89 Acres

in Cass, IN

Bidding Complete


157± Acres

in Polk County, MN

Bidding Complete

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