Land Auctions

Advantages of Land Auctions

Competitive Bidding

In an auction, multiple bidders compete against each other to purchase the land. This can result in a higher sale price compared to a traditional sale when the seller negotiates a sale price with one buyer.


An auction can be a faster way to sell land. The auction process has a set timeline, so the seller can have a better idea of when the land will sell, which may be preferable depending on the situation.

Types of Land Auctions

Live Public

A live public land auction is an auction event that takes place in a public setting where interested bidders gather to bid on a piece of land. The auction process typically involves an auctioneer who oversees the bidding process and accepts bids from the bidders who are physically present at the event. Live public land auctions can offer the advantage of being exciting and competitive, with bidders competing against each other to secure the piece of land they desire.

Timed Online

Online land auctions are auctions that take place entirely over the internet, typically accepting bids for several days. In this type of auction, interested bidders can participate in the bidding process from anywhere, as long as they have access to a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Online land auctions can offer several advantages over traditional auctions, including convenience, accessibility, and flexibility. This can help to increase the number of bidders and potentially lead to higher sale prices.

Live and Online

A live and online land auction is a hybrid auction format that combines the advantages of both live public and online auctions. During the auction, the auctioneer oversees the bidding process and accepts bids from bidders who are physically present at the auction venue, while also accepting bids from bidders participating online via the bidding platform. This format provides greater accessibility to potential bidders and potentially increases the number of bidders and the final sale price.


A sealed-bid auction is a type of auction where interested bidders submit their bids in a sealed envelope by a specified deadline. In a sealed-bid land auction, interested bidders do not have the opportunity to see the bids of other bidders or adjust their bid in response to other bids, as is the case in live and online auctions. Instead, bidders must submit their highest and best bid in the sealed envelope before the deadline. Sealed-bid land auctions offer the advantages of confidentiality, as bidders’ identities and bid amounts are not disclosed to other bidders, and the opportunity for bidders to make their best offer without being influenced by other bidders.

It's worth noting that auctions may not be the best choice for all sellers or all types of land.

It’s important to consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of an auction versus a traditional sale before deciding which approach to take. Contact us today and we can discuss which method is best for you.

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