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AcrePro is a full service farmland brokerage that builds solutions around the needs of our clients. Flexibility and innovation are what have set us apart. In farmland sales, there are several methods that can be effective. The factors that lend one method to be chosen over another include current market conditions, geography, use of the property, size of the property, and timeline of the seller.

The first step is getting to know our client to see what service will best fit their situation. These services include:


One effective solution to maximize our clients’ property value is by Public Auction. We are a full service auction company that conducts: live auctions with online simulcast, Timed-Online Auctions, and Sealed-Bid Auctions. The auction method of marketing is our most aggressive and comprehensive due to the defined timeline and importance of reaching all interested parties in a timely manner; allowing them time for their due diligence.

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Traditional Listings

The most widely accepted form of real estate sales is the traditional listing method. The most important factor of this method is pricing your property correctly. Be sure to hire a land professional that understands the property value and the market that the property is being sold in. AcrePro land professionals have access to the most sophisticated land valuation tools and software to help with gathering property information as well as providing an accurate property valuation.

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Landowners often know who they want to sell their land to. Whether it is a family member, long-term tenant, or other form of relationship, AcrePro can help facilitate this transfer. Our land professionals can help determine Fair Market Value, furnish and execute the transaction agreements, and facilitate the closing process. More services for Land Owners


For farmers looking to trade some land equity for cash without shrinking the acres of their operation, a sale-leaseback is a good option. AcrePro has an extensive network of land investors that can purchase the land and lease it back to the farmer.

Buyer Representation

For farmers, land investors, recreationalists, and individuals looking to find a replacement property for an IRS 1031 Exchange, our land professionals can work for you to acquire property. From property inspections, in-house valuations, negotiation, to closing facilitation, having representation can help you achieve a smooth transaction. More Services for Land Buyers

Full-service Farmland Brokerage


Industry leading website, online bidding platform, and powerful land data and valuation tools to effectively gather and communicate information about your property.

Comprehensive Marketing

Direct mailers targeting thousands of potential buyers in our database, email blasts to our growing community of land owners, buyers, and professionals, content on our social media platforms, listing on multiple high-traffic syndicate websites.

Custom Media

Feature your property with beautiful aerial drone imagery, in-season crop photos, trail cameras, and informational marketing videos.


Handle the sale from start to finish. Work with client and customer attorneys, facilitate surveys and/or appraisals, facilitate abstract and title work, and facilitate the transaction with closing companies.

Farm Expertise

Land professionals who actively farm or come from agricultural backgrounds will have the knowledge and experience to help you accomplish your land goals.

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