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Frequently Asked Questions

Find your answers about land transactions here.

About AcrePro

AcrePro is a technology-forward land brokerage that is modernizing land sales in the United States. Founded in 2019 by a team of real estate professionals who saw a need for a more comprehensive, digitally-enabled way for buyers and sellers of land to transact, AcrePro aims to bring the density and connectivity of other real estate markets to land transactions across the country. AcrePro’s simple mission? To empower people to buy and sell land smarter with advanced technology, data, and expertise.

AcrePro offers buyers and sellers swift, personal customer service with the best digital tools and most comprehensive datasets available today. Whether you are buying or selling, AcrePro brings you nationwide visibility and true expertise in diverse land types to help you find your perfect opportunity. Beyond the transaction, AcrePro follows through to help you achieve your unique goals, offering high-touch land management, consulting, and other niche services.

AcrePro is growing rapidly. AcrePro maintains current real estate firm licenses in many jurisdictions across the United States, all of which are listed in the footer of our website. However, AcrePro aims to be facilitating transactions in all 50 states by the end of 2022. To find an agent, visit our agents page. If there is not yet an agent in your area, please reach out to us; we have a vast network of agent partners to whom we can connect you.

AcrePro agents are able to assist you in transacting land with a broad variety of characteristics and uses. Land types within our wheelhouse of expertise include but are not limited to hunting and recreational land, agricultural land, timberland, ranches, horse properties, waterfront properties, hobby farms, and raw or vacant land.

AcrePro agents are able to assist you with a variety of transaction types and can help you determine which is appropriate for you. We facilitate auctions, public listings, private transactions, transactions in which one or both parties are institutions, transactions involving a 1031 exchange, and more.

Beyond land transactions, AcrePro agents also bring their expertise to many other aspects of land ownership. Services we offer include valuations of real estate intended to be held as an investment, land management, consultations on improvements, conservation and sustainability, appraisals, and general property valuation.

For Sellers

As the best in the business, AcrePro agents are committed to representing your interests throughout the land sale process. In your first conversation, you and your agent will talk about your property and your goals for the sale.

Depending on the course of action you and your agent choose, major steps in the sale process may include:

  • Valuing your property to determine the right asking price
  • Establishing the terms and timeline you need to be successful
  • Locating the right buyer for your property
  • Closing the sale with proper filing and documentation

From advising you on your local land market and comparable sales, to employing proprietary technology to uncover deep features of your land, to getting your property in front of the appropriate audience with comprehensive marketing support and networks, your agent can help you navigate these steps with ease.

An AcrePro agent acts as your guide and representative throughout the entirety of your transaction process, advocating for your interests as the client and getting you the best outcome possible.

Upon first contact with an agent, you will discuss your unique land goals, and your agent will work with you to determine how you want to proceed with your sale. They will then handle the concrete details of listing or otherwise offering your land for sale, identifying a buyer, negotiating and documenting the sale details, and guiding you through the key touchpoints of the sale.

Depending on the transaction route you and your agent choose, your agent may publicly list your land for sale, or seek alternative routes to finding a buyer (e.g. a private transaction, auction, etc.). If listed publicly, your property will appear on the AcrePro website and will be syndicated to numerous other property listing services across the country.

An auction may be right for you depending on your needs and the timeline of your sale. Because auctions are immediate, one-time events, they can speed up and simplify the sale process by reducing negotiations and demands on the seller. Auctions are also often suited to unique properties and/or unique market conditions. Quality promotional efforts strategically placed by an expert team can bring out the right buyers who are looking for properties with particular features.

Our team and partners provide the right conditions and present the best information for a successful auction. Your agent can help you determine whether an auction is the best course for your sale.

Land valuation is a complex process that takes into account many factors, both of the land itself and of the market conditions and area in which you’re selling. AcrePro agents have the expertise to tailor service to your exact situation as well as the digital tools to accurately assess all relevant factors.

First, your agent will help you take stock of your land’s unique characteristics: assets like water sources, buildings, and other improvements; income sources such as crop yield or hunting leases; and many other features dependent on the land type.

Next, you and your agent will take the local market into consideration. This may include regionally specific details such as transportation routes, local services, or tenant markets. Accurate and relevant comparable sales are paramount at this point, and AcrePro agents have access to the most comprehensive database of comparables in the land brokerage industry.

Your agent can help ensure that all relevant factors are accounted for and assessed accurately to produce the most precise estimate of your property’s value.

For Buyers

As some of the best in the business, AcrePro agents are committed to representing your interests in the land buying process. Upon first contact, you and your agent will talk about what you’re looking for in a property so that they can begin searching according to your unique goals.

Major steps in the land-buying process include:

  • Understanding timeframes and motivations to buy
  • Determining your price range and financing options
  • Finding and evaluating a property
  • Submitting your offer with appropriate contingencies

From consulting with you on your best route to financing, to scouring on- and off-market sales to find the perfect property for you, to employing proprietary technology to make sure a property fits your needs and is priced appropriately, to guiding you through the actual sale process with an insider’s expertise, your agent can help you navigate these steps with ease.

Accurate land analysis is one of the most important components of a buyer’s journey. It’s important to obtain a 360 degree view of a property prior to the sale to discover any unforeseen concerns that may arise later and affect the true value of the property.

AcrePro agents use local expertise and unparalleled technology to assess the quality of every property they touch. The first part of our job is to connect you with an agent who not only has local expertise, but is also experienced in the type of land you’re seeking, whether it be agricultural, recreation, or another land type.

As you identify properties of interest, your agent will employ a suite of tools to conduct thorough digital analysis that synthesizes the best data available, a proprietary database of comparables, and an extensive network of trusted partners. While the ultimate decision of what to purchase remains with the buyer, AcrePro agents will ensure that you are equipped with the right data to make an informed decision with confidence.

Give us a call anyway. Our network is vast and nuanced. We would love to speak with you about your land goals and connect you with an agent that can be your eyes and ears on the ground.

While AcrePro currently does not offer lending services, your AcrePro agent may be able to help connect you with financing resources in your area that offer products to suit your needs. AcrePro is actively developing more direct solutions for buyers looking for financing services.

Yes. Our real estate professionals have experience in evaluating land for its suitability as an investment property. Our team has assisted thousands of individuals in acquiring land for wealth preservation, portfolio diversification and/or passive income, and are familiar with many aspects of investing in real estate.

For Owners

Our agents are regionally knowledgeable and ready to advise landowners about their options when it comes to generating revenue from real estate.

Agricultural land can earn crop income. Whether you are interested in actively farming your own land or leasing your land to a farmer in exchange for annual rent, many AcrePro agents are farm managers or farmers themselves and are extremely well-versed in the agriculture industry.

Ranch and grazing land are a subset of agricultural land that have the potential to earn passive or active income for landowners. Recreational leases are another route to monetizing your land. These leases can take many forms, from short- to long-term; for hunting, fishing, or other activities; and to individuals, groups, or entities.

Other income sources for landowners can include water, leasing of storage bins, mineral, and energy leases (like solar or wind), information towers, billboards, roadways, and more. Your AcrePro agent can acquaint you with some of the options available and help you pursue the route that is right for you.

AcrePro agents are much more than just real estate agents. Many of them are experienced farmers, hunters, and land managers, and as such, they can likely assist you with many different types of improvement projects.

For agricultural land, this may include helping you with anything from improving productivity to adapting your operation to shifting market conditions. For recreational land, your agent may be able to help you place and establish improvements like food plots, blinds, stands, etc.

In the realm of conservation, our experts may be able to assist with services such as conservation easements, stream and wetland mitigation, species mitigation, and other ecosystem projects.

For Prospective Agents

We would love to talk with you about joining our team of world-class agents changing the way land is transacted. Learn more about agent life with AcrePro and start the application process.

AcrePro provides comprehensive support for its agents, from advanced digital capabilities for property evaluation and lead tracking to turnkey marketing collateral tailored to their brand and business needs. Our nationwide presence means more leads for you and more potential buyers for your clients. AcrePro also supports one of the most advantageous commission structures in the industry. A few things AcrePro provides their agents include:

  • Listing management
  • Transaction management
  • Lead qualification
  • Print and online marketing
  • Social media support

Potentially, yes. We are working to quickly expand our presence throughout the United States and want to work with the best local agents in every region. Learn more about working with AcrePro here.