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Land Market Update

2nd Quarter Land Market Update Northern two thirds of Indiana, East Central Illinois, and Michigan Overall, there has been continued stability in land values, with specific regions still experiencing strong sales. Areas that are weaker or lower in quality, as well as those saturated with sales over the past two

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Recent Trends: An Overview of the Local Land Market

“The land market remains strong locally.  In spite of elevated interest rates and lowering commodity prices that might work against current land values, a variety of factors continue to bolster the market.  Record net farm income levels in 2022, followed by another strong net farm income year in 2023, has

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How Does a 1031 Exchange Work?

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you sold one investment property and you’re looking to reinvest in a new property, you may have heard mention of a 1031 exchange. But what exactly is a 1031 exchange? Sounds intricate, right?  While initial stages of research can be overwhelming, fear

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